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Professional recording studio in the heart of Bucharest

Sound Production and Post-Production Services for Film, Tv, Streaming, On-line & VR

– Outsource your audio productions to Romania –


Umbrella SFX is a professional recording studio specialized in recording, mixing, dubbing,  voice  over  and  everything  that  means  audio post-production. Our services target primarily the advertising, broadcast, film  and  video-game industries, but also meet requests from production houses and corporate entities.

Why  are  we  different?  We think is our dedication to high quality and  originality (no exceptions).

What defines us beyond that?  Well, usually, people come to us as clients and leave as friends. That is because we believe that good karma and a friendly work environment are as essential as talent and inspiration in creating sounds that matter.





we are part of umbrella

through our reliable partner network we can cover all your production and post-production needs


Video Production & Postproduction

Professional audio recording studio

Architectural films and imagery

Full-service roto-solutions

Managed 3D render farm

Umbrella SFX has two fully equipped audio studios. We can accommodate any type of project including small to medium musical instruments.

Fully equipped studios for Video / Audio stage for postproduction purposes.


40 sqm audio studio with a generous recording room, equipped with various types of microphones (Brauner, Neumann, Shure) and Manley voxbox compressor which are connected to the audio mixing console Yamaha DM 2000 using DAW Protools Ultimate. The control room is equipped with Dynaudio Acoustics BM6 and JBL speakers which delivers a distinctive & pristine sound for our demanding engineers.


This medium compact audio studio is designed for 5.1 mixing & binaural / 3D audio mixing. Our sound engineers work with AVID Protools Ultimate on Mac station using HDI/O audio interface and AVID C24 audio controller. The mixing stage is equipped with A7X Adam speakers which enable high quality surround mixing.

Postproduction studio rental

Our efficient solution & productive workflow model is designed for remote postproduction teams who produce audio-video content like TV series, film, shorts, documentaries for the entertainment industry. We offer full AVID & Adobe editing software that run on Mac stations connected with performant AVID ISIS server that enable fast & collaborative work.


audio content & voice over talents


From a simple VO recording to 5.1 audio mixing, we offer you the following services:

VO recording (including Talents database)

Audio editing ADR Audio mixing (stereo or 5.1)

3D spatial audio mixing for VR or apps (eg. Spotify)

Dubbing (cartoons, feature film and other A/V content)





localization services


Localizing a video or any other type of other media requires a lot of expertise, not only in terms of team’s translation skills but also in adaptation of that content to the local market. Our capabilities and skills enable us to support our clients through the whole process of adapting your content to the specific needs and values of the country in which the product will be launch. The localization services that we provide include:

Subtitling services

Translation & adaptation of the text

Dubbing services

Voice Over talents (+200 talent database)


Graphics & text adaptation (including 2D & 3D or copyrighting in local language)





original music


Our business started 10 years ago, as a “music production boutique”. Since then, we successfully produced tens of hours of original score for Film and Commercials. We have worked for many agencies and clients and our music enhanced lots of brand commercials, corporate films as well as TV series.



Line1: +40.310.050.612

Line2: +40.314.328.736

319th Calarasilor Ave, Bucharest, Romania


UMBRELLA SFX is a full service audio production and post-production facility. We assist our clients in the very delicate act of balancing between budget constraints and business goals, making sure quality is not sacrificed in the process and cost-effective results are delivered on schedule. Our services can be contracted worldwide.

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